Revolutionizing the Log Splitter Business

If you've split a considerable amount of wood, then you know the common setbacks of a traditional log splitter. The biggest of these setbacks is the amount of time spent waiting on a splitter’s hydraulic cycle time. In our industry, we consider time spent equal to money spent. So why hasn’t anyone overcome this issue of wasted time? 

Well now Oregon® Power Products has introduced the solution! It comes in the form of their new kinetic log splitter which allows for a 2-3 second cycle time between logs. This is a large difference from the average time of about 15-16 seconds found when using traditional hydraulic log splitters.

So it's Fast, but how Else Does This Splitter Deliver?

Though time is one of the biggest factors in making money, there are also other areas to consider when improving the production process. Oregon thought of those too! Here are a few more ways Oregon has revolutionized splitting wood with its new Kinetic Log Splitter.

1. Drastically decreasing maintenance needs has been done by excluding hydraulic fluid, cylinders, pumps, hoses, fittings and filters. These are some of the most common parts that require maintenance with traditional log splitters.

2. The knife-like wedge allows for logs to be split without leaving as much debris as other traditional log splitters. This sharp, sleeker wedge prevents small wood chips from tearing away, eventually ending up on the ground below.

3. This new design allows the user to obtain a far more cost efficient machine. Due to its two 70 pound flywheels spinning at 325 RPMs, kinetic energy is stored and then released when the splitter’s rack and push plate power forward. Kinetic energy means less fuel, and less fuel means more money in your pocket.

4. A heavy duty work table has been added to this splitter, making your job even easier. This allows your back a break from bending over during those moments when a larger log is being split multiple times.

5. The new and redesigned operating handle leaves you feeling less fatigued at the end of your day. This handle was created to eliminate all unnecessary motion and results in virtually no kick-back.

Has This Log Splitter Been Tested in the Field?

These are just a few ways that the new Oregon Kinetic Log Splitter is right for you. Having the utmost confidence in their design team, Oregon put their new splitter to the test. After having real commercial firewood producers use the Kinetic Log Splitter, it is clear that Oregon’s industrial strength hardware and American made, rack and pinion gear system can stand up to the toughest of logs.

Whether you are a commercial firewood company or a homeowner trying to split more wood, faster, we think you’ll agree that this new splitter is what you’ve been waiting for. You can pick up your Oregon Kinetic Log Splitter by contacting AES LawnParts or by locating a dealer near you.

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