Traditional Trimmer Head: An Accessory of the Past

What if I told you that your days of winding and wrapping trimmer line are completely over? There is a new trimmer head on the market that requires absolutely no winding of trimmer line. That means big bucks for you!

How is This Different From my Other Trimmer Head?

Companies have been trying, for years, to redesign trimmer heads so that they somehow reduce the amount of time it takes to wind trimmer line. Oregon® Power Products decided that it still wasn’t good enough.

That’s why Oregon is introducing the new Gator SpeedLoad™ Cutting System! Traditional trimmer heads have typically taken minutes to reload but the Gator SpeedLoad cuts that time to 20 seconds. This new head has no spool, no spring, and no screws. You simply open the head, drop in the pre-wound line disk, and you’re back to trimming.

The amount of time to change traditional trimmer heads adds up even more when you consider the whole process. Consider the time to go grab a spool of line, grab your cutters, rewind the spool, and walk back to the area you stopped trimming. Oregon conquers all of those issues and it really pays off by the time August rolls around!

The replacement cartridge for the Gator SpeedLoad trimmer head can be carried in your pocket. The line has also been redesigned to last up to two times longer than any other line available. That means less line being used and fewer times refilling it.

Will This Trimmer Head fit my old Trimmer?

Don’t worry about it fitting your trimmer shaft, because the Oregon team offers an adapter that allows almost all gas trimmers to utilize this revolutionary product.

The new Oregon Gator SpeedLoad is just another way that Oregon’s innovative team is revolutionizing the outdoor power product industry. To get your Gator SpeedLoad trimmer head today, simply contact AES LawnParts or locate an Oregon dealer near you!

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