Sea Foam: A Motor Treatment That’s Dropping Jaws

There were 13 different jaws slowly dropping when Gary, one of our employees, drove off of the lot, last week. An unusual cloud of smoke followed closely behind him as he disappeared over the horizon. Sea Foam Motor Treatment had been added to Gary’s fuel tank, and Sea Foam Spray was fed through his air intake system, as well.

Most would consider bellowing smoke as a bad sign, but in this case Sea Foam’s formula was at work. Gary came back, stepped out of his truck and said, “Well, it definitely works!” Five minutes later, Gary was still carrying on about the immediate improvements he had seen in his short drive up the road.

Okay, so Gary and thirteen other employees loitering on the front lawn are believers in this motor treatment. Though, just believing that it works isn’t enough. What we want to know is exactly why Sea Foam is different and even better than the other motor treatment options out there. Well, for starters:

Sea Foam is a Petroleum-Based Motor Treatment

This is probably the most important part of what makes Sea Foam so special. As you know, petroleum is used to produce gasoline. Knowing this, you can see why a petroleum-based fuel additive is ideal when compared to a chemically-based fuel additive. A petroleum-based product means:

1. Pour it in your gas tank, and it cannot harm your engine.

Sea Foam Motor Treatment uses petroleum-based ingredients, instead of harsh detergent and abrasive chemicals which can actually damage your engine. When treating 16 gallons of gas or diesel fuel in routine fuel systems, we suggest adding one can of Sea Foam Motor Treatment. When you feel the need to clean more thoroughly, just add more because when it is added to your gas tank, you cannot harm your engine!

2. It mixes well with fuel.

Fuel evaporates when exposed to outside air, which, in turn, causes oxidization. Once evaporation and oxidation occur within the tank, fuel ignitions disappear. That's why people use fuel stabilizer when storing equipment over extended periods of time.

motor treatment evaporation processDid you know that most fuel stabilizers are not petroleum-based? This means they do not mix with fuel, but instead, form a layer on top of the fuel, protecting it from oxidation.

This could be efficient, until you walk by and bump the stored machinery midway through the storing period. Once that protective layer is disturbed, then the stabilizer may no longer be effective. This is why mixing with fuel to help prevent oxidization versus the top layer method, is so important!

Sea Foam Motor Treatment is a Multi-Tool

Other brands require a consumer to purchase different products for each of their motor treatment needs. Sea Foam, much like a multi-tool, is one product with multiple functions to help your engine. It can help in ways such as:

  • Cleaning injectors, carb jets and passageways
  • Cleaning and lubricating pistons, intake valves and cylinders
  • Dissolving and cleaning fuel residues in the fuel system
  • Dissolving oil deposits in the crankcase
  • Cleaning timing chain tensioners and VVT actuators
  • Stabilizing your gas and diesel fuels
  • Controlling the moisture that exists in fuel
  • Contributing lubricity and corrosion protection to fuel

Sea Foam is also very versatile due to the different makes and types of engines that it can be used in.

  • Auto and truck
  • Fleet
  • Ag and heavy-duty
  • Inboard and outboard marine
  • Power sports
  • Small engines
  • 2-Cycle, 4-cycle and diesel engines
  • Carburetor and fuel-injection engines

Other Sea Foam Products That We Love

Since Sea Foam’s beginning, it has invested endless hours into the science behind its unique motor treatment. Since then, they have been applying their same core values to a few other products along the way.

  • Sea Foam Spray- a safe and quicker solution for cleaning throttle bodies, intake valves and combustion chambers (safe for GDI engines)
  • Hydra Trans Tune- dissolves harmful deposits and controls the moisture that impairs fluid system parts in most types of hydraulics, automatic transmissions or power steering fluid systems
  • Deep Creep- this multi-use, penetrating lubricant breaks surface tension and cuts through corrosion to loosen, clean and protect parts and mechanisms
  • Bugs-B-Gone- an odorless and biodegradable surface spray that can be used to solubilize bug remains and other organic residues

Wait, So What Happened To Gary?

Sea Foam bumper sticker motor treatmentDo you remember Gary and his smoke bellowing pickup truck? Gary has over 16 years with our company and 22 years in the outdoor power product industry. Impressing someone with that much experience is not an easy task. One quick look at his rear windshield says it all.

Sea Foam Motor Treatment is a petroleum-based product with many different applications for your engine. If you want to hear more about Sea Foam products, call AES LawnParts and reach out to a customer service representative or talk with your local territory manager to get started.

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